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“A contemporary fusion band”

Arka , a contemporary fusion band will take you on a musical sojourn that’s beyond words and genres unheard of.

Versatile compositions to innovative techniques to mesmerizing performances, this band has it all. Each of these artists has gone beyond their forte to compose and create a musical aura that’s unheard of and has been designed to appeal to an extensive age group as various elements have been hand-picked from varied genres.

With the sole intention of extending this musical outreach, renowned artists Selva Ganesh, Karthik, Ravi Kulur, Sathosh Chandran, Sheldon D’silva and Gino Banks in unison have created the band ARKA and intend to broaden the horizons of Indian fusion music. This specially designed ensemble is brilliant and unique in content and unparalleled in artistic synergy.

Arka denotes the sun in Sanskrit and to rightly interpret the meaning, it is the warmth and radiance of music that spreads across everyone. They are the dawn of a new music trend that is all tuned up to leave everyone awestruck!