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The child prodigy gave his first solo performance at ten and later went on to be one of the most sought after flautist from India. Regarded as the flute maestro by the late music legend and Bengali Indian Musician Pandit Ravi Shankar. Ravi kulur is an international acclaimed flautist.

His expertise with instruments goes beyond the flute, Ravi Kulur is well known for also mastering the art of playing Kanjira (tambourine and mridhangam, two of south India’s percussion instruments.

Ravi Kulur has performed extensively all across the globe as an Indian Classical, Contemporary and new age musician experimenting with world music, Celtic, western classical and timeless fusion jazz. Till date, Ravi has played more than 1200 concerts at major venues in over 30 countries across the globe for solo, duets, collaborations and tours. He has also given live performances in various countries namely Australia, the Middle-East, America and Europe.