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From sharing stage with his Guru & legendary brother, Mandolin U . Srinivas, U.Rajesh has come a long way charting his own course in showcasing his creative individuality in the music arena.

U Rajesh is one of the most sought after Classical/ Fusion artist currently in India having played with nearly with all the top musicians in both North and South India and has recorded a dozen or more albums. As an artist he had given the Western Mandolin a classical global dimension that is highly recognized not just within the country but also abroad. Amidst his increasingly busy schedule for Concerts and Collaborations, U.Rajesh played in the Album Floating Point with the legendary John Mclaughlin which got him nominated for a Grammy Award.

He also performed in Banglore for the famous remember shakti band of all the stalwarts of the Music world like Shankar Mahadevan, John Mclaughlin, Selva Ganesh.